digital retargeting advertising for auto dealers

Social Retargeting

Hyper-Target Auto Shoppers on Facebook and other Social Media Platforms

Drive Social Facebook Ad for auto dealer

Bring Interested Buyers Back

Designed for dealers, Facebook for Drive Social combines inventory-driven programmatic ads with retargeting capabilities to create a powerhouse automotive advertising technology that displays right in an auto intender Facebook news feed, Instagram, or on Facebook’s ad network.

How It Works

An auto shopper visits your dealership’s VDP page, but leaves without pulling the trigger on a purchase.

The same shopper goes on Facebook and is retargeted in their news feed with intelligent, inventory-driven ads.

These smarter ads drive shoppers back to your inventory site making them 4-5 times more likely to buy than when they first visited.

Stronger Ads. Reduced Ad Spending. Target Better Buyers.