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Connecting the right message with the right audience at the right time is paramount to a strong digital ad campaign that produces ROI.

Our job is to consult with you on an effective message, research the right geographies to saturate that message and make sure the right people see it.

Utilizing our deep data sets and automotive insights we have available helps us find the right shoppers for your dealership!

Holistic Marketing Plans Lead to the Best Results

There are many points along the customer journey for you as a dealer to gain and lose customers.  It is important that you are continually messaging appropriately in every phase of the consumer’s interaction with your dealership. Drive Auto’s omni channel digital approach gives you access to your customer at every critical phase of the buying process.

Create Your Plan

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Each of Your Customers Has Unique Needs

We can prepare and deploy marketing messages that reach customers who show interest in each of your revenue centers using what we know about them from your own data and from trusted data sources like Polk -IHS.

Your Customers Want Relevant Information

Using your inventory feeds to automate messaging helps ensure that relevant and up to date information is getting to the customers that want to see it the most.  We deploy this messaging cross channel to keep your cars front and center in their worlds.

See how this could work for you

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Being Able to Identify Engaged Customers Gives Your Dealership an Advantage

Using our data tools, we can help you to identify prospects you might not otherwise be aware of.  Every day someone who has bought a car from you in the past is considering purchasing again.  Make sure that you remain front and center when your customers start to kick some tires!

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