Drive U Live at NADA 2023 in Dallas, TX -  Unlock untapped opportunities through credit marketing with Ken Luna & Host Frankie Russo

January 27, 2023

Join us live for the Drive U podcast at NADA 2023 where we discuss how to harness soft pull credit in your automotive marketing. In this episode, our host Frankie Russo is joined by credit expert Ken Luna, who has years of experience helping businesses leverage credit data to drive growth and improve customer experiences. 

Together, they explore the benefits of soft pull credit and how it can be used to create more effective marketing strategies in the automotive industry. From understanding credit scores to identifying key data points, Ken and Frankie share practical insights and tips on how to use soft pull credit to improve customer engagement and drive sales. 

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this podcast has something for everyone looking to learn more about the power of soft pull credit in the automotive industry. Tune in now and join the conversation on how to harness soft pull credit to create more effective marketing strategies and drive growth for your business.