Drive U Live at NADA 2023 in Dallas, TX – A.I. Conversational commerce with Joe Shaker & Host Frankie Russo

February 27, 2023

On this episode of Drive U Live at NADA 2023, host Frankie Russo sits down with Joe Shaker to discuss A.I. in conversational commerce. Joe brings his extensive knowledge and expertise in the automotive industry as both a dealer and tech innovator to the conversation, providing insights on how conversational A.I. is transforming the way customers interact with businesses.

Viewers can expect to learn about the latest developments in conversational A.I. technology and how it is being used to enhance customer experiences and improve business outcomes. Joe and Frankie also explore the opportunities and challenges presented by conversational commerce, including the impact on traditional sales processes and customer privacy concerns.

Whether you’re a dealer, marketing professional, or simply curious about the latest trends in customer engagement, this episode of Drive U Live at NADA 2023 is packed with valuable information and insights. Tune in to join the conversation and learn about the exciting possibilities of A.I. conversational commerce with Joe Shaker and host Frankie Russo.