(South Portland, ME)

A comprehensive digital strategy was implemented to help Yankee Ford dominate their market.

Yankee Ford is one of three local dealers owned and managed by Bob Espisito. Bob has been working with multiple vendors for both digital and broadcast for many years with a healthy budget. The AE met with Bob a few months back and recently closed a large TV deal starting January 2016 as new business. After building a good relationship and gaining some trust, the AE felt it was a good idea for the client to meet with us again as a team and review what Drive Auto can offer. We uncovered that Bob has both the Ford co-op website and a locally built website managed by a local pure play digital vendor. This vendor handles their Social Media and SEO of the site. Bob also recently started a geofencing campaign with another vendor, the print media outlet in the market. We ran competitive information and a full report of Yankee Ford’s digital presence in the market and showed him how badly he is being beaten by his competitors. Our initial conversation turned into a another meeting where we were asked to come back and present options to “dominate the market.” We presented Dynamic Search as the backbone of the campaign identifying he would have “first mover advantage” if we moved right away. We packaged email marketing, retargeting and geofencing to better position the client in the mobile space and capture more leads.

A Comprehensive digital strategy was implemented to help Yankee Ford dominate their market






Dynamic Search