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  • Increase Luxury Dealership Sales
  • Improve Conquest Marketing
  • Fill Service Bays

The game has changed. A large part of the salesmanship that once dominated the auto industry has moved online. The auto shopper has been empowered by the readily available information at his or her disposal. In fact, modern auto shoppers now visit 7-12 online sources before even stepping foot on a dealership floor.

Drive Auto has the right tools and knowledge your dealership needs to adapt and excel in the modern auto marketplace cohesively both online as well as offline.

Sales Driving Tool

Search Ads

Dynamic Ads on Google, Bing & Yahoo

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Social Media Ads

Build Dealership Awareness & Loyalty

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Gain New Customers & Build Loyalty Among Existing Ones


Effectively Market to Auto Shoppers On-The-Go

TV Ads

Build Dealership Awareness & Loyalty


Reach Low-Funnel Auto Shoppers

Video Ads

Video PreRoll On Youtube & Facebook

An Effective 1-2 Punch

Drive Auto’s TV platform paired with our unique digital marketing tools is a proven one-two punch that truly brings in more car shoppers. Our TV ad product builds a backbone of branding and awareness for dealers targeting top-of-the funnel auto shoppers while our digital tools reinforce the dealer’s message and helps convert auto intenders into happy customers further down the funnel. Think of our TV and digital ad combo as a CY Young Caliber pitcher paired with a lights-out closer…it’s an unstoppable combination.

Convert Auto Intenders Into Sales On The World’s Most Popular Platforms

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