Mobile Ads

Our mobile ad technology applies innovative geographic, demographic, contextual, behavioral, and other targeting tools to allow your dealership to take your mobile ad spend to a whole new level.

  • More impressions per market identify more advertising impressions in your market.
  • Target auto shoppers precisely and quickly filter each available impression using over 1,500 data points.
  • Manage & optimize campaigns across multiple devices and your dealership will shine no matter what device or platform it’s on.


Place a virtual fence on your  digital ads, or geofence, of approximately 3-5 miles around your business or event and target consumers when they use mobile apps and/or browse the internet  within  that  geofence. Essentially with geofencing technology, you can micro-target your ad spend down to only the people near your event, thus optimizing your ad spend to the most precise level possible.


Beacons are in-dealership devices that communicate with a shopper’s smart phone to improve the shoppers showroom experience. In essence, Beaconing bridges a consumers’ physical and online experiences. Allow your customers to receive highly targeted promotions and ads for things they want and buy. In return, you collect valuable buying habit data. Let Drive Auto leverage the power of this technology to create an intelligent, easier auto shopping experience.

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