Advertise To Cord Cutters & Digital Binge Watchers

Advertise To Cord Cutters & Digital Binge Watchers

Connected TVs

Drive Auto’s TV platform paired with our unique digital marketing tools is a proven one-two punch that truly brings in more car shoppers. Our TV ad product builds a backbone of branding and awareness for dealers targeting top-of-the funnel auto-shoppers while our digital tools reinforce the dealers’ message and helps convert auto-intenders into happy customers further down the funnel. Think of our TV and digital ad combos as a CY Young Caliber pitcher paired with a lights-out closer…it’s an unstoppable combination.

Works On All Devices

Capturing the OTT audience means delivery on tablet, mobile, desktop and television as consumers are watching across multiple within the same household.


Audiences are selecting platforms based on their own preferences. OTT inventory is available across platforms to provide the greatest market penetration.


Television programming, movies, originals and more are available for all audiences. Inventory inside long-form content is non-skippable and yields high video completion rates, exposing messages to audiences in a linear manner.