110% Automated Dynamic Retargeting Email

110% Automated Dynamic Retargeting Email

Most email marketing tactics are manual, outbound-only efforts. In other words, a dealer buys a list and floods the list with outbound emails to those potential targets. Standard methods such as these are effective when the lists are well-targeted. However, there is now a better way. Drivemail Retargeting is the latest innovation in effective email marketing Drivemail retargeting works by automating manual email campaign building tasks and helping close vehicle shoppers who have already visited your site.

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Drive Mail Works in 3 Easy Steps

Vehicle Shopper visits the web site

Dynamically-generated email is created

Shopper returns to site to make contact

Close More Leads

With the help of proprietary technology, our retargeting email system increases your chances of closing more leads. Our system has proven to outperform standard email platforms.

Arm Your Salespeople

With a comprehensive dashboard, our system allows for full attribution. Track, measure, and report every email sent out.

CAN-Spam Compliant

Drive Auto’s platform complies closely with all aspects of the CAN-SPAM Act, ensuring that your dealership meets all the necessary requirements for commercial messages.