Drive ID is our proprietary analytics tag that is designed to capture website traffic down to the keystroke and connects the dots between your existing customer base and the people who are searching online for your products and services

Drive ID Analytics Tag gives you the insights you need to close deals more quickly. This technology makes so many different things possible such as:

Match vehicles that buyers want
with the vehicles you have on
your lot

  • Separate buyers from browsers

  • 70% less wasted ad spend

  • 4-5x industry average CTR

Save and make money with more
precise business intelligence

  • Gain a path to purchase for each shopper

  • Measure VDP traffic by vendor

  • Extend the life and value of leads

Retain more of your customers
by enhancing data with real-time
lifestyle and behavior

  • Identify current customer opportunities

  • Aggressive bidding on active customers

  • Auto mining alerts for active customers