What to Expect

At Drive Auto, we have a streamlined and data driven approach to everything that we do.

Through analytics and smart marketing strategy, we are here with you every step of the way.

We’ve created a simple idea that dealers need smart people and smart strategy to drive profit and turn inventory! We’re in the passenger seat with you!



You can ensure that before, during or after a campaign launch we are looking at the data.

First, we will analyze the tactics that your dealership is currently doing and then setup a game plan based on business needs and goals. Anyone can sell you a list of products. Not everyone can effectively connect the dots between product and dealer solution. That’s where we come in.

Once the campaign launches, we’re just getting started. Monitoring critical dealership KPI’s and metrics like campaign delivery, CTR’s, leads, sales, then optimizing as needed on a regular basis is essential to a successful campaign.

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Connecting the right message with the right audience at the right time is paramount to a strong digital ad campaign that produces ROI.

Our job is to consult with you on effective messaging, research the right geographies to saturate and make sure the right people see them.

Utilizing our deep data sets we have available helps us find the right shoppers for your dealership.

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We’re in the business of achieving business goals for your dealership. Period.

Measuring the success we were sent out to accomplish is important to ensure your money is, well, making money. Whether that was increasing website traffic or form fills, driving lot visits, turning specific makes/models or making the phone ring, we are accountable for converting.

We look forward to this challenge.

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